[SLB Import] a VC in SL?

One of the more interesting statements I’ve been making is that I’ve been acting as a VC of sorts for a couple projects.  (For those who have not heard of a VC, it means Venture Capitalist – someone who spends their own money to further a company or group, in return for some stake in it.)  I’m currently doing this to a degree for two groups.

The first is InnerLife, which I’ve set aside some of my rental land for, as well as participate in testing the PC client that will eventually interface the LightStone biofeeedback device into SL. I have a personal interest in the group, and have expressed interest in aquiring and co-owning an island for them once they’re ready for that stage.  For now its just a matter of getting XML-RPC to stay happy.

The one I’m now active in financially is the Numbakulla sim / project. I give great thanks to Moopf for allowing it to last so long, as its an amazing place. With a possible ‘end’ occuring though, like many others I’ve stepped up and donated.

My ‘share’ probably is rather signifigant right now, enough so that I’m not talking about it (they had almost enough for the purchase before I even got word of this, so is not very big overall anyway). I did, though, do the unusual step of cleaning the paltry amount I had in GOM back into SL. :) My only plan here is to help them out while they finish getting the monthly pledge amount confirmed, and they’re in good shape for that I think.

In both of these cases I have no interest in making money, either in L$ or US$. In fact I’d be happy if I broke even in some cases. The important thing to me is the content here. Both are ‘PG’ in nature, quiet, calming, and fun.

There is not enough of that sort of content in SL. I hope to help change that. Only time will tell.