[SLB Import] Mystic Radio closes its streaming service

For anyone who visited my rental land on Tavarua, or other similar areas that I frequent (some of them on my picks list), you probably heard some interesting music from it.  Soothing, quiet, and perhaps bordering more towards ‘new age’ (though I have no issue with that genre).

That music stream came from the site Mystic Radio, a recent find and one that fit the land almost perfectly.  Unfortunately, as of a couple days ago, they closed their virtual doors and the website just has a sad farewell notice.

I’m of course saddened to see this, as I cannot think of any other music URL that I’d regularly pump into my land (and yes, I donated to them at one point, by using one of their sponsor links to buy my LightStone device).  Ah well, I suppose for now the quiet will do.