[SLB Import] London

As someone who lives in the NYC Metro area, I found the explosions in London worrisome.  As it always does when I end up adding a new memorial to my private collection.

Of course like everyone else I checked in on folks I knew who could have been there.  So far I’ve heard from everyone, so I’ve been happy.

But my heart as always goes out to those effected over there.  Just as it did on 9/11 (perhaps a little too much, but I have my reasons – reference my back posts), or during the tsunami, or whenever a major disaster strikes.  It is just my nature.  My aspect in later life has been of the Healer, the caring, kind person who likes to help.

Perhaps this is why the Numbakulla story, and the Uru story, resonate in me so much. And why SL tugs at me so much as well.