Welcome (Again)

*Looks around another new space.*

It has to be said, that as a person whom likes to write on occasion, it may have been a serious mistake for me to get involved in a blog. ;) In any event, I’ve been wanting to write short snippets of things ever since I got deeply involved in Second Life, but started with just an in-world notecard (which is both painful and not easy to maintain on a regular basis, or away from home).

I did finally get involved with a blogging site for a while, a site called SLBlogger that was catering to SL Avatars. I joined in, and had a few posts, but it was taken down in short order due to ‘external circumstances’ (aka it was hacked and the blog vendor did not have a patch anytime soon). It would appear to be up again soon, but I’ve had to move beyond that anyway.

I’m now hosting, via my own domain and site, files that go beyond SL. Files such as the Until Uru KI patch, which was available elsewhere at some point but has disappeared since. The site (and now the blog) will likely be balanced more toward Uru from time to time, and as such I cannot justify it staying on SLBlogger.

I will, however, re-post entries to here once I get back in again.