On 34 Years of Life – A List of Thanks…

In a couple hours, I will be 34 years old, as per my birth certificate.

The past couple weeks leading up to this have been an, um, ‘interesting’ ride to say the least. A combination of major hardware issues and high-level, high-responsibility projects at work (including this Daylight Saving Time nonsense). The most numbing cold outside that I’ve had to deal with since the President’s Day Blizzard (awaiting to see the sequel to that too, given my luck). And the stresses and/or annoyances of being *so* busy, that I’ve been unable to be online with my friends online via Uru. I dearly hope that things get back into something of a routine, as that’s the best way that I’ve ever had the time to be involved in major online activities – and definitely want to make it to the St Pats Cavern Parade this year.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m trying to implement lifestyle changes, like exercise, on top of everything else? ;)

Still, the past night or two I’ve had the time to *really* reflect on life. And I’ve realized that I’m an extremely lucky person.

Back when I was a teenager, I nearly killed myself – twice. But I could not go through with it; Something deep inside me said that I could be so much more, despite the utter hell I had been going through – and would go through for the next 8+ years in therapy.

I realize, today, that I’ve actually achieved that hidden goal of helping others. I’ve been a good influence toward many since those dark times. Despite my second ‘dark time’ after 9/11, I’ve been able to find what I feel is a new and exciting niche at work (i.e. the 3rd/Night Shift) – one that has not been boring in the least, and fits well with the way I normally interacted outside of work anyway.

In recent years, particularly during UL-Prologue and what I’ve termed the Uru-Interregnum, I’ve met many people whom I would consider close friends – despite never meeting many of them. The list includes:

– Uru’s Guild of Greeters – all of them. When UU came out, one of them let me know about it in time, and though not officially a member, I have called their shard and forum my ‘home’ ever since.

– The Telador Island owners and builders. They gave me a proper focus for being online in SL (with its closure the number of times I’ve logged in has dropped dramatically). Through them I’ve also met and contributed to several great projects, including InnerLife, Numbakulla island, and the various Hollywood/Channel Islands projects.

– In Uru: SuperGram and BAD, for giving me the chance to participate in various Parades and UU events as Honor Guard. I’ve never done *anything* so co-ordinated online, even within Diablo II or Starcraft, and its been immensely fun while equally challenging. Most of the other Shard admins and co-admins as well, for putting up with me during such events. :)

– In SL: Hiro, Ice, Belaya, Adam, and the rest of the EFNet #secondlife regulars. Y’all gave me an ‘edge’ to life which has downright shocked people who know me the past 13+ years.

– More recently, the libsecondlife project within SL, and the Age Builders project in Uru. They push past the boundaries of their respective worlds, and give me a chance to understand the inner workings of both.

– And last (but definitely not least!)…

Rand Miller of Cyan Worlds (who I’ve yet to meet), and
Philip Rosedale of Linden Lab (who I’ve met at SoP/SLCC 2005).

These two people carry the torch into new and uncharted territory for their respective genres. I give them the best of luck in their endeavors.

Shorah, and peace be with us all…

Timothy Scott Kimball
aka Alan Kiesler (SL)
aka Sungak ‘Silverhands’ Alkandenes (Web/Internet/RPGs)