Wierd Week…

Some new and unusual things happening with me this past week (outside of the normal MOUL-related stuff).

First of all, during the past weekend I applied to the 2000 Bloggers site (and as of today that’s been accepted). I don’t even remember now how I ended up at the site – It was random net-cruising again, which is something I’ve not done in ages. Not even a full day from its addition though, the Bad Behavior logs are starting to climb, so upgrading to the latest rev will be prioritized for the next couple days (WordPress itself was upgraded a while ago, and I’ve also been quietly cleaning up some stuff on the site too, like my links).

Also, last night I tried something *really* different (to me anyway) – speed dating. This one is sponsored by a matching site, which I heard about from a radio commercial several weeks ago (will disclose which site if this actually turns up with anyone in a few days). Though I had my doubts, it was actually quite fun, though six minutes per person is intensely short. I may goto another, but not until all the DST stuff is behind me.