Final Hurrah I (3/7-8) – Informal Invitation

I will be spending some time this weekend in the Cavern, both for grabbing personal video and seeing what I had missed this past year. This is an informal invitation to follow along, help out, and generally have a good time. :) My KI number is 131567 for those wanting to track.

For this weekend, I will be starting sometime around 8 PM Fri Cavern Time (MST, or GMT-7 I believe) with a walk through the *original* 2005 Parade route (the one in the City); This started at the stairs near the Kadish Museum doors (the stairwell over by the hollowed ‘tree’). From there I will get the remaining markers needed to gain access to marker quests. This will only be a couple hours or so, since I’ll need to get some sleep before the Sat meeting.

This should probably resume around 10 AM Sat (Cavern), with a visit to GZ and other public City locations prior to the meeting. After the Guard meeting I may continue to wander around, probably to complete the Prime ages (yeah, leave me alone, I know ;) – My other avatar, Alan, did that so I *do* have a full-grown tree in a Relto). No set time when I’ll stop, but most likely after the main meeting in TeamSpeak.

If I can get There to work, I’ll be spending the evening with them. Afterward I will spend the overnight continuing my MO wanderings, finishing Prime and attending a Pod Tour if one exists.

The rest of my ‘Final Hurrah’ will continue after the Parade, *very* early the morning of the 15th, Cavern time. That will concentrate on the ‘true’ 2007 content, other than the Garden Age puzzles (I’ve done one, it was OK but tedious) and the remaining Sparks. Hopefully I’ll finally get my Watcher’s Jacket before this is over. :)

MystBlogs readers are welcome and encouraged to post a link to this entry on forums (I don’t have the time, and in fact my home PC’s been off the past two days!); Again, this is a very informal thing I’m doing and is for my own ‘farewell’ to the fun that was MO. If an actual video comes out of this, all’s the better…