Mysterium Travel Woes – Driving Trip

Well, I’m having a slight problem, as mentioned on UO. The hotel is not actually in Boston directly, but Burlington (which is a suburb outside the normal local subway, aka the T). It is slightly available via a bus (350/351) which could be possible but that only takes me to Burlington Mall and from there I need to find a way to cross Rt 93.

I am now considering a suggestion from my father – drive from NJ. At first that sounded a but nuts to me, since I’m not certain how much sleep I’m going to get prior to the drive (my flight lands home at 11 PM on Thursday!). But I suppose if I get some extra sleep Thu morning and a quick nap before the drive, I may be able to depart around 5 AM and be there in time for Friday Reg. I’m staying until ‘Monday’ anyway, so I can leave around 00:30 (during my ‘normal’ work hours) for a nice drive home.

As a side note, the only reason I’m actually considering this is the fact that I have Nav in my car. That allows me to punch in the destination and go without worries…

Anyway, I’m effectively setting this as the plan now, so anyone interested in how a Prius works can take a look over the weekend. :)