Memories From a Coat

I’ve been wearing my grandfather’s coat today; My aunt gave it to me about a year after his death, and despite wanting to give it away I never have. But the cold weather, and the loss of my regular coat to a hopelessly stuck zipper, has made me fall back on this one for now.

It’s a black 1970’s era winter coat, made by CasualCraft for A&S. There’s a very good chance that its as old as I am, perhaps older, and looks almost new. It reminds me so much of him and my grandmother, who fill my earliest memories more than that of my mother and father. Though they were uncertain and confusing times back them, it was also happy, in its own way.

The coat fits me perfectly. It could well last another 30 years or more.

I still miss him and his stories, so long ago…


One thought on “Memories From a Coat

  1. Last week whenever I went out, I wore one of the coats my grandmother used to sport. All her coats went to me after she passed away.

    It’s always nice to have something to remember your loved ones by. And I feel in some ways, it makes your memories stronger. Take good enough care of it and it might pass to another generation. ;)

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