Revival 2010

I’m a bit miffed at how long ago my last post was. It’s not my intent at all to let it wither. Of course, it was also not my intent to fervently ignore it either. :p

Anyway, the ‘general update’ is that I’m realizing certain things (that were a regular part of my life, outside of work) have not been as fun as they used to be. So I’m preparing to drop them. This includes my presence in SL (this was done awhile ago), plus some *much* older activities that have been slowly withering away anyway.

I’m also looking at trimming my Eve time for a little bit, since both characters have an opportunity for going into ‘hibernation’ (long training queue) for a couple weeks.

Hoping that this will give me time back for more recent endeavors, as well as this site. :) We will see.