Moving? Yep.

I mentioned this in CyanChat over the weekend, so figured it would be a good idea to repeat here.

I’m in the process of moving again (not sure if a ‘finally’ would fit as well ;). Not exactly a light decision, but it does feel a bit hurried (and, in some respects, it is). Still, Craig found the place, its much closer to work (though farther away from family) and is over twice the floor space for about $700 less per month.

So far the only concerns I have are electrical (the place in question is old enough to only have two-prong plugs) and parking (the street has cleaning restrictions on Mon morning); Still working those out.

The first set of boxes have already started to stage themselves at the new place, and once again I’m being hit with the ‘fun’ of packing (and realizing how entrenched you get after ten years).

More on this later, as I deal with it. :)