Upgrade and Site Collapse

Since its been awhile (and I have tonight off), I decided to upgrade my site to latest WP. Though I eventually got it done, it was a bit rocky on the way there – on par with a previous upgrade failure.

The main source of the problem (so far) appears to be an SEO plugin that I installed a while ago; As I wasn’t really doing anything with it, it got tossed. All the main components (including my two main spam preventors) are still there though, so for now I’m happy.

I can’t thank the SimpleScripts installer enough in making rollbacks easy. Probably would have spent the rest of the night getting to this point. ;)

Oh, in the process I’ve dropped the old (blog.txt) theme. The WordPress folks have a pretty decent ‘starter’ theme now, which loaded faster too.

Now the only outstanding issue is to get ZenPhotoPress back in action [Fixed, but slow]. And maybe get a replacement banner pic for the one this theme includes.