Remembering Uru through Illness

This past month I’ve been recovering from a string of illnesses, beginning with a light (yet annoying) norovirus that swung by the area.  And with that, I (probably feverishly) remembered the 2009 Fluru in Spokanne.

While we were collectively suffering those couple days, we still stuck through it, tried to cheer up each other and otherwise be supportive as a group via IRC / CyanChat.  So with this run, I’m quietly lying down and thinking “Where did it all go?  Why have I not found a group similar to them that’s lasted as long?”

I’m not as sure anymore.  I keep pointing myself to the LAW video as an example of what I’m seeking today.  Is that gone now?  I don’t think so, but a part of me still wonders if we’ve ended the era of finding large communities that are more about being both fun and relaxing (ahead of anything else) than it is about getting things done quickly, in a regimented manner.  While it can be fun to do stuff like that in a social aspect (like the parades I’ve participated in), I find no fun in doing that in a timed or competitive setup.