The Mid-Life is Here

As of this morning, I have reached – or perhaps passed – that point of one’s life where folks commonly point at and say ‘this is the expected middle of your lifetime.’  AKA, the ‘mid-life’ part of the famous crisis everyone talks about.

Looking back, I am generally pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far, and hope to do even more.  The only big turnabout (that some may again contribute to the famous crisis) was actually an industry I loved tarnishing itself without my realizing it.  In turn, it caused the underlying community to have its own problems – which I hope to solve for myself by seeking out like-minded individuals again.  But more carefully this time.  And I may need to be more careful even after that; I wonder now if computer gaming has decided to prey on addictive behavior, which is very unsettling to me.  Its serious enough that I am considering writing to our Senators for the first time since grade school.

Thinking nearer-term, we’ve already had an amazing year, and its only six weeks in so far.  Obviously all the news this week was for the Falcon Heavy rocket, its almost perfect success, and its associated stunt; I’ve not minded the payload too much, after getting over the surprise of the whole thing.  Instead, I find it a 35-years-late birthday present.  And a few weeks back, we had one of the smallest commercial rockets (Electron) have its first successful launch too.  What a wild ride its been so far for Space – I am very happy for both companies, and hope they keep up with their developments.

As for the future, I take each day as it arrives, just as a certain book taught me all those years ago.  I do have proper goals when dealing with work, of course, but that is usually something that can be planned for.  I do not – in fact, will not – fear the unexpected when dealing with the future; from my own experience, that just leads to pure madness.  Instead, I continue to be ready to face the challenges of the new year and beyond, and hope to have a fun time doing them.