Irssi on NSLU2 Part 3 – DebianSlug – Working!

For those following this insane saga, I’ve now moved on to the Debian ARM install of Linux on the NSLU2 NAS unit. And now have both a stable working ‘slug’ and irssi with the perl module.

About time. Really!

Since this is a fully functional port of Linux, complete with packages, I’ve set aside *why* I was doing this in the first place to get a backup of this weblog running. Priorities. ;)

Actually, part of this is to learn web-based stuff that would be useful for work. Even though our Apache stuff is normally Solaris-based, the actual web-side stuff like CGIs are still the same.

Of course, I’ve still got to locate a semi-current screen-irssi config so I can get that back online properly too.



Forced Retirement

My completion of retirement from Second Life got forced yesterday with the release of the 1.10 client/server patch.

I’m currently unable to login to my ‘Home’ position without crashing rather quickly, apparently due to its initial height (Am not the only one either). I could work around that, but why bother, when the Live Beta will probably start not much later than a couple weeks or so?


Anyway, things are also calming down again at work – The Big Migration is nearly complete, and should finish sometime Saturday. Been a nervous wreck all week due to it though (moving something like 30 TB takes a LONG time); I want this over!

At least I should get the opportunity to enjoy my Memorial Day weekend.

C Y’all around,

Beginnings and Endings

I finished cleaning up the old Second Life parcel in Tavarua, ready for its next use. Probably for the InnerLife group temporarily, since that’s what I’ve asked it to be re-purposed for during the next (and final) two months of its rental.

And as one such project ends, another begins. I’m starting to take a peek at Blender now. There is still some setup before I’m willing to go full-out on Age Building experiments (or even just helping other projects), but I like the concept and allows me to putter about with things without having to be online – something that was lacking in SL, as I could not do such things there.

I may yet putter within SL – I have a half-finished project I’d like to complete, since its my only really complex build. Otherwise I’m pretty well off it now, other than some small things I may contemplate.

–T. Kimball

LTO Tape Hardware Encryption

[Edited to have link set correctly – rare problem with what I use for weblog formatting.]

Got a rather interesting topic sent my way tonight – Apparently the group that maintains the LTO tape standard is looking to include hardware encryption into its tape drive. Link here.

The person who brought this up had an interesting (and important to many in the backup field) comment: “If they get it right the crypto will be able to happen alongside the drive compression, and then we just have to worry about how we’ll feed 240MB/sec into the darn things.”

Yes, that’s 240 Meg per second. Should hold 800 Gig of data natively on a tape too, IIRC. ‘Fun’ enterprise-level stuff; Thankfully I don’t worry about that kind of insane workloads yet…

[Oh, P.S. – I did get out of jury duty after day two; Case got settled. *insert sigh of relief here*]

Jury Duty. Bah.

Morning all,

I am sitting here at a Jury Assembly room, getting ready for Day Two.

As in, ‘Two days or one Trial’ which this particular area of NJ has for Jury Service. I’ve not been picked yet, but am in an actual trial pool as of first thing this morning.

Obviously I can’t talk much about this particular experience, yet, but I have done this once before – back in late Jan / early Feb of 2000.

What I’m willing to say about *that* experience is that 1) I don’t much want to talk about the trial I ended up in, even to my parents, 2) It changed my feelings toward Jury Duty in general rather signifigantly from ‘I’m excited to finally do this’ to ‘I don’t really want to go through that ever again.’

I’m sure it’s not helping any that, well, I also work 3rd shift and so its been more of a drain to work than its expected. And the PCs they have in here with internet access (which in itself is rather surprizing) aren’t the best things on the planet either, or for that matter well taken care of.

Ah well, wish me luck that I’ll just have this day over with and I can get on with life for now…