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Generic Info:

Name: Timothy S. Kimball

General Avatar and Forum name: T_S_Kimball
–> Current Forums: Myst Online, Alternate History Forum
–> Misc Uses: Steam ID, avatar (subscription active)

Avatar (Eve Online): Alain Kinsella  (Retired, no subscription for now)

Avatar (Second Life): Alan Kiesler  (Semi-retired)

Characters (Guild Wars 2 – on sabbatical):  Sargeon Leapur (Charr Guardian), Shadara Leapur (Charr Mesmer), Arthur Kendan (Human Thief), several others…

Minecraft:  Sungak (though I don’t normally play on servers)

Location (RL): Northern New Jersey, USA

Profession: UNIX SysAdmin, 3rd/night shift. Personal interest in Monitoring (Icinga), Enterprise Backup (NetBackup, Networker) and game economies (i.e. Second Life, Eve Online, Guild Wars 2).

What I’m doing here:

I’m an overnight SysAdmin, and like it. Rare thing I admit, and not as lonely as you may think; Now and then work moves into the daytime as well. It’s normal for me, since I’m involved in some fairly important stuff (all of us are). And so I need somewhere, or something, to get my mind off work from time to time. I learned the hard way (the week after 9/11) that focusing my feelings into work is a very bad idea, and one I don’t intend to repeat.

The writings here are related to various MMO ‘meta worlds’ such as Second Life and There. I have over 25 years hands-on experience with UNIX (mostly the Solaris OS, though some RedHat Linux recently), and almost 20 of those as a SysAdmin. I like to use my skills off-hours on interesting problems that I run into, as I’m always interested in doing new things with old info. Second Life (or SL as its known internally) is one way I had found to exercise those skills, while at the same time getting my mind off work (which, frankly, I do way too much anyway, and SL had been a godsend in that respect). I had some involvement with before its shutdown, but mostly to learn its comparisons with SL.

I also participated in another meta world of sorts (though in the shard format), known as Until Uru (and again in the re-launched and re-shutdown Myst Online – Uru Live). General Info on Uru and its ‘spinoffs’ can be found via one of my Sidebar Pages. I’ll be posting about this place when possible, since it has become my main motivation for visiting other online worlds – especially after two instance shutdowns.

More recently, I spent several years in another MMO, known as Guild Wars 2.  Though at first it was a pretty awesome fit for someone who was accustomed to the Uru community, its gradually drifted away from that over the years.  I had decided to take an extended leave from the game – despite liking it so much – while I re-examine my interest in MMOs in general these days, and determine if its worth dedicating as much time to it as a social platform.

Note that I refuse to post anything directly related to my line of work, or my company. This is purely an ethical stance, but I do like my job and have no gripes with it anyway; This place is purely to get my mind *off* work, not focused on it. Vendors on the other hand, well, I’m thinking about how to approach that…

Why a Kind Healer?

My Second Life and Uru avatars, as well as the RPG characters I play, tend to focus on the aspect of the Healer. Someone who is kind, caring, and wanting to help. This is, in fact, my RL attitude (when not distracted, pissed off, or otherwise pressured – which is, thankfully, quite rare).

I personally don’t care if anyone reads this. It’s mostly for my own relaxation. Any help it brings others is a bonus. And if it does help you, please let me know by contacting me on one of the above venues.


Alan Kiesler (in Numbakulla):


Me, in my ‘datacenter’ gear (yes its the same shirt :p ):

The Real Me

Alain Kinsella, Eve Online industrialist, part-time combatant, and Angel Cartel sympathizer (by business association only, though he now has the jacket to prove it):

Alain Kinsella – Current Portrait

My Guild Wars 2 character collection had become extensive, though one continues to stand out – Sargeon Leapur, one of my primary characters:

Sargeon Leapur – Hero’s Canton, Black Citadel

Last Update: Dec 2017