Regarding my Camera

Camera: Cannon S110 ‘Digital Elph’ (Model PC1012)
Normal Pic: 2.1 MPix, 1600×1200
Bought: Circa mid-2001
Condition: Excellent (Needs replacement batteries)
Media Card: 256 Meg CF Card (doubles as emergency storage sometimes)

Notable Pics Taken:
–> Reveal of the 2004 Toyota Prius at NY Auto Show (Released /w help of john1701A, select Prius Owners -> Timothy K)

This is not a bad camera to use even today, given its low-megapix status. I don’t print any of the photos, just post (usually after re-conversion for size) so works out well.

An Additional Word Regarding the ‘IC’ (T_S_Journal) Camera

Snaps in the IC weblog will be mentioned that I’m using the above camera. More often then not they’ll be snaps from SL, There, or other venues. Tweek’s pic notation format will help in this regard.

[Ya know, I should not need to include this, but given recent nonsense with SL Branding and other whatnot, it pays to be safe…]