Info on Sungak /

Sungak is an ancient (circa 1992) Internet moniker that I gave for myself back in my college days.

It was originally ‘The Whovian’ actually, but after a couple incarnations of Sungak (in varying RPG forms) it kinda stuck.

Evolution and usage of name in varying forms/characters:

– 1992 – Dark Sun, Thri-Kreen Psionicist (yeah, go ahead and giggle, those who understand why ;-).

– 1992-1993 – Renegade Outpost MUD, tri-50 Thief/Cleric/Mage (that was a cool support char)

– 1993-Present(maybe) – Rolemaster 2nd Ed RPG, Lay Healer (currently lvl 21 or so I think, but politically – that’s another story…) Full/Original Name: Sognec Alkandenes (Later renamed ‘Sungak’ in his life, dropping the last name)

– 1998-2002 –, used as an old login for Starcraft and Diablo 2

– 2009-2012 – Eve Online, 2nd ‘Main’ (as Sognec El’Kendan)

– 2012-Current – Guild Wars 2, Primary character (as Sognar Elkendan)

I used to have a series of poems that surrounded the many forms Sungak has taken throughout the years. If I ever find it I’ll post a link.

The domain of was just an offbeat name I decided to choose for my re-emerging web presence. Nothing more, nothing less. :)

More details on whom I am can be found from the ‘Profile’ link, on the bar above…