Travel Update 1 – Dexcon / Flight to MO

*waves from Springfield, MO*

Well, though Dexcon was not the full weekend for me, it was still pretty good.

I didn’t really *play* anything official (other than James’ LARP module). I did, however, get back into the ‘Avatar System’ LARP that pervades the Double Exposure convention system. We’ll see how that turns out; I had fun, and got ideas for their IC forum.

As for today’s flight, I’m tired, annoyed, amused, but happy. First a major portion of the route I intended to take to the airport was closed. Then a whiny kid in the row behind me (though I was able to book the exit row – woot!). And lastly a plane-swap, as the one I intended to take on the 2nd leg was broken and going to the hangar for repairs.

I’m not sure it that bodes well for the week, but I had a little fun with the 2nd flight so no worries.


Itinerary (or: How Nuts will I *really* be the Next Two Weeks)

Well, my vacation will start this evening, with Dexcon 2008. In reality things really will start tomorrow (where I will stay at a nearby hotel this time, cashing in on HHonors VIP points). This convention ends on Sunday, July 20.

However, I’ll be going home Sat night as I’m flying to my father’s house in MO. This will mark the second time I’ve been able to make it down there, the first being in Dec as my original plans were deep-sixed from a company re-org. With luck, I’ll make the connecting flight at Denver (and yes, per a comment on UO I am beginning to think we should consider a Mysterium there one year). More worrisome is my first experience with the Newark Airport parking lots; My father says that security is not a huge issue, but distance may (can be a mile or more of walking). We’ll see, since I don’t mind walking too much.

My return flight is on Thu 7/24 where I’ll likely be home around midnight. That gives me enough time to clean up, rest, and re-prep for a 3 AM train ride to Boston on Sat.

That’s *The Plan* anyway. Keep your eyes open through the next week and a half, to see how well things fit (oh and yes I SHALL rant as needed!)…