(Almost) September Update

Well, if I’m not going to post as often as I normally did (due to work and other obligations), then I’ll at least try to update once a month. ;)


Mysterium – The return trip from Spokane was uneventful, though delayed a day due to the illness. There was a three hour layover in the Seattle airport and used that time to catch up on work (once I found someplace that gave me *wired* access for the VPN connection – yay!). As one of the ‘staff’ I’ve been involved in post-con discussion, though nothing major (from my end) that needs worrying about just yet.

Hoboken – Hot, humid, and recently raining again due to the remnants of hurricane season. *sigh* Things at least began to get cooler a couple days ago, and I’m enjoying what walking time I can get in.

There was also that little thing about the plane/heli crash on the Hudson corridor a couple weeks ago. One of the piers here was pressed into service by the NTSB for the following week, which was interesting – until I saw the mobile coroner’s office on-site. Gah.

Eve Online – My character is currently waiting 4 weeks, while two skills for a special mining ship get trained. In the interim, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons, use the (semi-useless) time card from the Atari box (called a GTC) and convert it into in-game currency for purchasing said ship. :) I’ve also been following the EBank crisis; Thankfully I was too new to have done anything with them, but its been very interesting – as someone who works for the Financial Sector – to watch a virtual bank attempt to struggle out of a crisis similar to the one RL banks are facing today.

During this interim, Steam has given me an opportunity to do a little ‘side experiment’ which is turning out pretty well. More on that later.


That’s about it for now. Busy, as usual. :)


Corruption? What Corruption?

Short shout-out for Dad, MystBlogs, etc.

I find it slightly amusing that I’m a Hoboken resident, and apparently have been living under a rock until sometime Friday morning (when a co-worker mentioned the corruption roundup).

Perhaps New Jersey now has a chance of having a Republican governor again (though I was rather unhappy about Whitman, for various reasons).

News aggregation link regarding Mayor Cammarano, via Yahoo (possible popup et al warning):


Pics Test

Just some old pics from my regular walking route (and testing some new stuff on the site).


Within the gallery are a few pics that may interest SL Sailing folks; In particular some signs with info about the original New York Yacht Club (home of the Americas Cup). The building next to the actual sign appears setup to hold canoes, but has been empty since it was built.