Uru Live Information Center

Misc Personal Stuff:

– My response in Ubi Forums to Rand’s original shutdown letter.

– An (In-Character) Introduction to myself which I posted to DRC Site Forum. Ended up being a followup post to the earlier response, though I had no intent of doing that.

– The Second Shutdown letter (for Myst Online) from GameTap; Forwarded via Ryan Warzecha (greydragon) of Cyan Worlds.

– PDF I wrote on how Uru Fits into the Myst Timeline. Originally a distributed notecard in Second Life, but no longer handed out. Rather outdated at this point, but still possibly worth reading.

Myst Online world migration help:

I am in the process of creating a ‘migration guide’ of other worlds from Uru/Myst Online. I currently have quite a bit of experience with the Second Life world, and am planning to condense my experience in a no-frills (and in some cases no-holds-barred) format to assist in getting an Explorer up to speed quickly – as well as giving them a nudge toward the other resources available for future developments. Though intending to be a bit brash and outspoken, I still intend to keep toward a neutral stance regarding each environment – showing both sides, warts and all, including my own experience only as an example.

Status (as of 4/3/08): Site Solicitation (SL), Discovery Phase (There.com). Writing the beginning sections, including Background and Legal.

Have data: Second Life(R), There.com (partial – need info on places and current external sites).
Need data: There.com, Eve Online, Guild Wars

A draft is currently Not Available. I hope to have one up for comments soon. Please use the below form to get hold of me as needed (the form will eventually include attachment submission when ready).